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2010 Horror Highlights…

Monday, December 27th, 2010

…This doesn’t refer to my favourite films of the year. Nope, I’ve already covered that – please scroll down for proof. This is a brief run-down of what really enthused me, or otherwise made me happy this year, as filtered through my fairly-fucking-obvious taste for the horror genre.

  • My continued work for as a reviewer (and sometimes-interviewer). Al Sex Gore (proprietor of aforementioned website) was the first guy to take a chance on my writing, and a little over a year ago featured my review of ‘mockumentary’ Resurrecting The Street Walker. After that, we stayed in touch, and I was happy to take on more and more reviews – with screeners kindly provided by Mr. Sex Gore too. As a nice twist, my review of Resurrecting the Street Walker got quoted on the DVD cover; not only do I stand by my high opinion of that film, but I’m really proud of my involvement with SGM and happy to be part of the team. Long may it continue!
  • Twitter. I cannot go on without mentioning Twitter; a lot of the following highlights are not just tangentially, but directly due to my involvement with this website. It is amazing what you can do in 140 characters or less; I have found a community of miscreants who share my tastes in film, and miraculously some of these folk even share my puerile sense of humour. Add both together, and I’m happy to say I have made Real Life Friends (more on this later), as well as taking on further stints as a reviewer. I have really enjoyed getting to know people who use the site; I like its immediacy and the ability to tailor your involvement towards people you have something in common with, as opposed to an army of numbnuts you happen to have known for a long time and continue to ‘network’ with for the sake of lazy diplomacy (cough*Facebook*cough).
  • Ghouls on Film (February 2010, The Mixing Bowl, Birmingham). This event took place as part of the initial Women in Horror Recognition Month. Now, it’s fairly well-known that I have had some seismic differences of opinion with the WIHRM ‘party line’ in the last year. That does not for one second mean that I wouldn’t support, or enjoy supporting decent film events – especially when, as with Ghouls on Film, the event is self-funded, self-organised and self-promoted. This sort of gutsy support for genre film is what makes a lot of the best of it happen in the first place and for that I am going to be forever impressed by the efforts of Ms. Nia Edwards-Behi, who did all of the above! I got to see some interesting short films, as well as the diehard maverick first movie by the Soska twins, Jen and Sylvia – Dead Hooker in a Trunk – and, since seeing the film, I have made contact with and interviewed the sisters. I’m happy to have done my own small part to promote their work and I can’t wait til their next feature, American Mary, which is coming soon!
  • part of my time spent on Twitter threw me into the path of a certain fan site, and a certain webmaster who continues to make me laugh on a regular basis. After a certain amount of opinions on horror films were exchanged, I agreed to review some films for the site. The rest, as they say, is history: as you may notice, my blog is now hosted by the self-same site…@HorrorExtreme is one of the nicest, most decent blokes on my internet radar (though he hides it well with a lot of necrophilia jokes) and he is a diehard horror fan; I enjoy the ethos and enthusiasm behind horror-extreme, and I love the guys/gals who have also been taken on as reviewers this year!
  • Bram Stoker International Film Festival (October 2010): We first attended the maiden voyage of this quirky, ambitious festival last year, and this year all the prerequisite stops had been pulled out as the festival went for a Hammer horror theme (in the awesome setting of Whitby, North Yorkshire). Mike Sr and Mike Jr have a hell of a lot going for them and I really look forward to seeing what next year brings – especially as BSIFF has booted the Whitby Goth Weekend from its usual spot…
  • Abertoir (November 2010): I cannot easily express my enthusiasm for this festival – a real one-off, set in beautiful coastal West Wales. I’ll start though by saying that it is unequivocally my favourite horror festival of the year. The programming is inspired and imaginative; the team are friendly; the venue is great and I always treat this as my year’s holiday. This year was especially brilliant as so many of my newfound friends (again, via Twitter) could be there. Huge kudos to @dpm74, @HorrorExtreme, @stonecypher (that Nia again!) and @DJDellamorte to name but a few; every day brought great new and old films and events – every night was a blur of excess and evenings out at the improbably-debauched Inn on the Pier. I think I am just about through apologising for the sheer levels of drunkenness involved. What an amazing holiday! Same time next year!
  • – I have long held a huge respect for this knowledgeable, well-written horror site. Needless to say, having contributed to it in the last couple of months has meant a great deal to me, and I appreciate the good faith shown by @ben_bussey and @marcpatterson – UK editor and editor-in-chief respectively. Thankyou, you rule, I’m thrilled to be on board, and here’s to many more ‘women in prison’ screeners…
  • Diabolique Magazine. Last, but by no means least; this new venture (which elects to show a more studied interest in the horror genre than some other print media) has very kindly included one of my articles, on the use of Celtic myth in horror cinema. I am currently preparing a new piece, and I’m childishly happy to be involved in a good, old fashioned print magazine in such good company.

Many thanks also to those of you who I have chatted to, shared laughs with, contributed for, and bought fan-tastic handmade jewellery from (including a Baphomet pendant, a Cthulhu pendant and one of the infamous Human Centipede necklaces c/o the lovely Ms. Lipstattoo – do look for her on Etsy). You know who you are, and it’s been great talking to you all.

(And those of you who have been, shall we say, more hindersome than helpful?  I’ll just refer you to the old refrain, ‘people are their own punishment’.)

…and that, as they say, was that…now, bring on 2011!