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Strip Nude For Your Killer (Nude per l’assassino) (1975)

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

The fact that this film manages to get bush into the very first frame – plus the presence of the inimitable Edwige Fenech in the cast – should be a good indicator of the exploitation credentials of Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975). Now, I’m not a big lover of the giallo genre, but there’s enough going on here to keep anyone entertained; where a film can show me a morbidly obese man, in his pants, holding a deflated blow-up doll in one hand and a flick-knife in another then I would be a fool to complain, as the film has provided me with something I have never dared to dream I’d see.

We start our film in an operating theatre with a speculum, a set of stirrups and a medical booboo as a woman undergoing an abortion takes a sudden turn for the worse.  Never fear, the doctor and a helper move the girl’s body into the bathtub to make it look like natural causes (and with the colour scheme in that bathroom, this is plausible). This evidently doesn’t wash with at least one person though, as the doctor is later murdered by someone dressed as The Stig. As the flashbacks show us, this is a revenge hit.

We cut from there to poolside though, and get a glimpse of the hustle-and-bustle of the fashion world…a talent scout called Carlo avails himself of the opportunity to take numerous photos of a woman’s arse and, in these simple, pre-restraining order times he ‘interviews’ her in the sauna. Oh the thrusting world of fashion indeed! Carlo takes new girl Lucia to the studio where he works, and we see that, for people involved in this industry, no one here seems to have any clothes. Not everyone approves of this: the bike helmet-wearing killer is back, and starts to pick off those that work in the studio. We also find out that the girl from the bath used to work here too. Hmmm…

Photographer Magda (Fenech) and the half man, half stoat Carlo start to investigate the killings, though they divide their time between sleuthing and shagging, and from here on in standard giallo plot development gets underway – that is, all the blokes in the film are shown to be unhinged enough to be suspected (especially Carlo, who thinks nothing of trying to strangle the women he works with in lieu of communicating his annoyances in human language) and then finally, a completely different suspect turns up. It’s all predictable enough but there’s a lot to entertain along the way, even the initial veneer of weirdness wears off pretty quickly. It certainly does what it says on the tin, though. There’s none of this ‘all the best bits are pictured on the box’ rubbish – though, if you’re familiar with Ms. Fenech’s um, oevre, then you’d know she doesn’t let you down often.

Strip Nude For Your Killer is a reasonably entertaining effort and another example of  Burial Ground‘s Andrea Bianchi in his natural environment of sleaze, naughty nightwear and blood splatter. Oh, and the end scene of the film? I’ll admit, I didn’t predict that. Another fun DVD release from Shameless Entertainment…