Thursday, January 28, 2021 11:55

The Human Centipede 2

It’s difficult to know what director Tom Six is going to pull out of the bag for The Human Centipede 2; so far, we have only stills of the protagonist…who certainly looks creepy. Creepy, then, but perhaps oddly familiar?

Why is he somehow familiar, then? He definitely is familiar but – how? From TV?

That sitcom! - Waiting for God! The priggish character, Jane! They’re devilish alike…

Ah, right so far! But – Heaven forfend – there’s more to it. There must have been a mate. Who was that mate?

It’s the funny clay businessman from the Tool video for Parabola! Problem solved, then. 90s non-funny UK sitcom + 00s prog metal promo video = upcoming banned horror protagonist, apparently. Who knew?

No wonder the BBFC put their foot down…

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