Thursday, January 28, 2021 12:36

Fab Fest 2010

Those of you who already know me in person will know I really enjoy going out to film festivals as much as I can. You see new films (many which sadly fall through the cracks and don’t get distribution deals), you get to socialise with other film-lovers, and you often get to shop at film-related stalls which carry oddities you rarely see anywhere else. Well, if you’re in the UK, I really hope you might be able to pop along to Fab Fest in the beautiful ciy of Edinburgh at the end of this month …

If you need to see some details, then take a look here. Many horror/cult film fans will already be familar with FAB Press. That brilliant book you have, or want, on American grindhouse cinema, or the history of zombie movies, or Takashi Miike, or Pete Walker? Probably out on Fab Press. Well, Fab Press’s head honcho Harvey Fenton knows his stuff and has selected a brilliant crop of films for this month’s festival. I’m especially looking forward to Yatterman – being a big Takashi Miike fan – City of the Living Dead in HD (just imagine some of those scenes in high definition) and the intriguing-looking Neighbor, but that’s just a small selection and I’ll see everything I can on the bill (potential hangovers aside).

Especial mention goes to Resurrecting ‘The Street Walker’ (see prior post). See this film whenever you can. Hope to see some of you there!

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